Audio Technica ATLP120

Audio Technica ATLP120

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Direct drive and pitch control make this the perfect turntable to try a spot of mixing or, with 78rpm playback, turn back time and discover the unique sound of shellac.

Sliding pitch control for easy mixing
Pitch control makes this deck perfect for mixing. The handy slider has a switchable range of +/-10% or +/-20% for more extreme sounds. A pop-up strobe light makes keeping an eye on the platter speed easy, too.

Direct drive precision
Featuring a direct drive motor, the AT-LP120USB gives superb pitch stability. It also gives the swift start and stop times needed for complete control when mixing.

Bring out the shellacs - optional 78rpm playback
Change the headshell for one equipped with a mono cartridge and you can play 78s at the flick of a switch. With a detachable headshell, switching from 78 to other speeds is far easier than with other decks.

Quality Audio Technica arm and cartridge
As one of the most recognised tonearm and cartridge manufacturers for decades, the arm and cartridge fitted to the AT-LP120USB are both top quality. The S-shaped tonearm is a classic AT design that's designed to minimise tracking error. Fitted with the legendary AT95E cartridge, the AT-LP120USB is well suited to playing back a wide range of music with precison and detail (a dedicated pro-type cartridge is recommended for mixing use).

Archive your records to PC or Mac via USB
With its USB output, you can hook the Audio Technica AT-LP120USB to your PC or Mac. Connect the deck to your PC or Mac, use the supplied Audacity software and you can record all your vinyl to MP3. From here, the choice is yours. Load them on to your MP3 player or NAS drive, record on to CD or just have the records archived on your computer - whatever your choice, your LPs are now more accessible than ever before.

Built-in phono stage
Audio Technica have made it easy to link up the AT-LP120USB to your existing system. A built-in phono stage means you don't have to have a hi-fi with a phono pre-amp built-in - any AUX input will work fine.

Mix it, store it and discover it. The Audio Technica AT-LP120USB is the complete vinyl reviver.

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