YANNICK DAUBY '咾咕厝 (Coral House)

YANNICK DAUBY '咾咕厝 (Coral House)


ló-kó͘ -chhù means, in Taiwanese, Coral House. 

Yannick Dauby returns to Discrepant for Vol 2 of his ongoing study of the sounds and sights on the Penghu Archipelago, Taiwan. 

Penghu Experimental Sound Studio Vol 2 uses interviews, field recordings, found objects and subtle electronic manipulation to transpose Yannick's impressions of the island's natural beauty. All sounds, field recordings and improvisations on electronic instruments, are from Penghu, Taiwan. 

Interviews of children extracted from the film "Childhood of an Archipelago", by Yannick Dauby & Wan- Shuen Tsai

The second session of Penghu Experimental Sound Studio was located in Husi village, during Summer and Autumn 2015 whilst the album was assembled in the hills of Taipei, during the Spring 2016

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