Pina 'Rasseln' 'Lärm'

Pina 'Rasseln' 'Lärm'


Pedro Pina has been a key figure in the Spanish electronic music underground since the late 90s. His passion for musical experimentation remains unremitting and has also led him to refine his production techniques to such a pure and meticulous level that his own unique sound is now instantly recognizable upon first listen. 

The prolific Barcelona producer has not released on LP format since "Transit" [Lapsus Records, 2015], that together with "Onda Corta" and "Hum" -both released on Lapsus in 2011 and 2013 respectively- formed his successful and inimitable sound trilogy. 

"Lärm" enters new industrial wastelands, where noise is a common thread throughout. Pina openly experiments on this nine-track album, delving deep into the changing facets and mutations of noise, in which his typical powerful and rhythmic house bass lines once again combine with IDM textures and melodies. Furthermore "Lärm" includes exceptional collaborations from Cora Novoa on "Krach", and Oriol Rosell on "This Is It" and "You Were Warned".

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