Visible Cloaks- Visible Cloaks

Visible Cloaks- Visible Cloaks


Originally issued in 2015, Visible Cloaks was Ryan Carlile and Spencer Doran’s first attempt at recreating and paying homage to the sounds found in their utterly sublime, cultishly acclaimed Fairlights, Mallets and Bamboo mixes of early-mid ‘80s 4th world and ambient synth music from Japan. 

Coming from a background in psychedelia as members of Eternal Tapestry and RV Paintings, Carlile and Doran brought their new project to fruition in gorgeous style, dealing in a style of light-bent and gently warped ambient structures which neatly consolidated their psych tastes with the structures, themes and tone of the Japanese sound which exerts so much influence over modern electronic styles.

The A-side revolves four deliquescent beauties between the hyaline rubs and iridescent scales of Wind Voice and the synthetic choral cadence of Vocal Study, while their B-side extends those those ideas over a totally enchanting side 15 minutes of flighty tones and bubbling rhythms emulating avian motion and chatter and leading to moments of sublime revelation.

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