King Gizzard and the Lizards Wizard- Nonagon Infinity review

Uniqueness and endless energy, an ideology King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard promote within their music and within the music industry itself. Since their debut release in 2012, they have gone forward to release seven more albums, each one different whilst still wearing their garage rock and psychedelic influences heavily on their sleeves. But what makes this band so unique from their Aussie Psychedelic peers (Tame Impala, Pond, Gum etc.) is the relentless release of material and search for uniqueness within each of their releases . From the dreamy 'float along. Fill your lungs', to the mellow psych folk pop 'Paper Maché Dream Balloon'; this is indeed a versatile band. 

 But with 'Nonagon Infinity' we see the band return to their garage rock roots which brought them public acclaim, but they are out to prove that their relentless strive for this uniqueness ideology in not just in their physical release or genre versatility, but rather on the actual record itself. This record is timeless, quite literally; it's never ending. The focus on this record is to merge all the songs to create one psych garage rock titan. With the last track on the album merging seamlessly into the first track of the album. From the third person perspective it may sound gimmicky to a certain degree, but in the context of the album it works perfectly. King Gizzard sound like a band attempting to conjure up a demon, thunderous riffs and reprises from previous albums dominate this album. With a gorgeous vintage production, this album is once again built on uniqueness. It's instantly infectious for both new listeners and King Gizzard/ Psych veterans alike. 

Nonagon Infinity is a fantastic stand alone record for the band, but their past releases and historical context gives it a legendary status; and allows the band a lot of room to breathe. 


Vinyl Hunter